Registry FAQ

registryDon’t know where to start? Have a million questions?

As you start your new life together and look to the future, we’ll help you set a table that will be the focal point for all of your most cherished memories now and for years to come. We’ll even show you how to incorporate heirloom pieces and family china in a way that reflects your own style by adding colorful dessert or salad plates, chargers, stemware or other accessories. Have all the china you need? Register for holiday patterns. We have the south’s best selection on display in our stores year ‘round.

Please explain the Bromberg’s gift letter program.

To keep you from making returns and dealing with duplicates, for every gift purchased from your registry, you will receive a gift letter instead of the actual gift. Bring in your gift letters after the wedding and you can exchange the total value of your gift letters for anything you want in the store.

So we don’t have to select the actual gifts that have been purchased for us?

You can exchange your Bromberg’s gift letters for the exact gifts that were purchased for you or you can exchange the amount in your gift letter account for other items. It is your credit to use as you like.

Can our guests actually purchase a gift from our registry and get it wrapped for the tea?

Yes. While we don’t stock every item, with enough notice, we can special order merchandise for a tea but these special order items cannot be returned.

How long after the wedding do we have to exchange our gift letters?

While there isn’t a time limit, we do have to worry about price increases and less frequently, discontinuations of some items. For those reasons, we ask that you bring in your gift letters within 90 days of your wedding so that we may get all of your items on order promptly. 

What are the benefits of registering for gifts at Bromberg’s?

We don’t stop with the best customer service, the most experienced staff, and our unique gift letter program. We also have registry benefits especially for our Bromberg’s registered couples!  Our completion program, discounts for attendant and hostess gifts and 20% off on non-diamond wedding bands for registered couples are just a few of the many other benefits.

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